Lady Massage & Spa

Dear Ladies🌸

Deep Relax lady Massage👰& Spa🛀 treatment in Yogaterrace Studio❤
120 minutes deep relaxation program with oils and special antistress elements
At this especially relaxing 2-hour massage we use a mixture of essential oils.
We found out a special order how to move on the body to reach the complete and deep relaxation effect.
🎊In the package you can find:
⚜Oily feetbath
⚜Massaging the whole body
⚜Deep relaxation face and neck massage
⚜Antistress process
⚜Using voicebowls we fill up the energy centre
⚜Deductive movements
The Happy Lady package costs 18.500 Huf

If you are planning to give the package as a present,we are happy to write a gift card which she can exchange anytime
During the program I touch special points on the feet,hands and head when the process relaxation starts.
Our brain changes from the present to a different level where frustration and bad thoughts disappear.
We arrive to a different world where we can accept or it is simply similar to a deep sleep.
The consequence is a fresh and relaxed body and soul. The skin of the face straightens we sparkle and smiling comes easier. The wonderfully clean oils have magnificient power through the smell and a special impact on our nerve system.Through our skin it reaches our inner parts which need help.
This 2hour is only about us.A kind of me-time which is rarely given.
It’s time for your love tank to be filled!
For appointment:

🌸Yogaterrace Studio🌸
Marina Part🌊

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